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So give us some history on Bill Payne.

 Bill Payne: My first car was a low rider. It wasn’t until a friend took me out in his jeep that I fell in love with the off-road. A for sale sign went on my low rider the next day and I owned a jeep by the end of the week. I never was afraid of the failures so I taught myself how to fabricate and weld and just kept making it bigger and bigger. I started following the family footsteps of being in the moving business where I learned how to drive a semi. Left that to go more towards my dreams of working with metal and worked at the Navy Shipyard building boats. I then combined off-road and working with metal which then led me to monster trucks.

How did you get started competing in Monster Truck racing?

 Bill Payne: A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. This was definitely one of those being in the right place at the right time.

What do you enjoy doing while on the road the most?

 Bill Payne: Meeting different people. It has been amazing the network of people we have met and made friends. If they haven’t become friends it is just flat fun to people watch. Being able to see the differences between peoples crafts and ideas that change from state to state, whether it comes from homes, cars, knickknacks or clothing.

What do you do with your free time?

 Bill Payne: Free time???? With monster trucks there isn’t any free time it is just planning. How to plan as much as you can in a 24 hour day.

What is your greatest memory as a Monster Truck driver?

 Bill Payne: When I used to be able to beat Donald Epidendio in Titan. On a more serious note, I met my wife because of monster trucks.

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though?

 Bill Payne: As of what I do before a show I can’t really think of anything that I always do. I have learned there are many things you shouldn’t do before a show like eating Waffle House Chili.

If you were not competing what career path would you follow?

 Bill Payne: If we weren’t with racing I don’t think that would stop me from still being involved in monster trucks.There isn’t anything that would keep me from this.

What’s your favorite food?

 Bill Payne: Sugar

What’s your favorite movie?

 Bill Payne: I can’t actually say I have a favorite. I get in these moods where I can sit and watch the same movie over and over again until my wife says enough and then I just pick another one.

What’s your favorite television show?

 Bill Payne: NCIS and Castle. TV is very dangerous for me because I turn into a zombie. It can be a commercial and I am totally unaware of what is going on around me.

What’s your favorite color?

 Bill Payne: Clothing and anything work related wise it is black. On my wife it is pink. On my car it is blue.

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