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How did you get started competing in Monster Truck racing?

 Jeff Lemon: I have been dabbling in automotive, off-road, metal fabrication, and recreational motorsports for a long time.  I knew a guy who knew a guy who races monster trucks and I figured, maybe if I make myself useful...

What do you enjoy doing while on the road the most?

 Jeff Lemon: The most?  Daydreaming!  I enjoy the variety of things out there on the road; Seeing all the new and interesting places, interacting with people, and the inevitable adventures away from home.  So, I like everything the most! 

What do you do with your free time?

 Jeff Lemon: I build stuff!  I get a huge kick out of engineering, and fabricating things.  I also love flying, so I build and fly aircraft when I can.  I started with RC models, then hang gliders, paragliders, airplanes, ultralights, helicopters, etc..  Basically, anything I can get my hands on.  (See daydreaming, above.)

What is your greatest memory as a Monster Truck driver?

 Jeff Lemon: Watching Bill drive the wrong way down a one-way street toward oncoming traffic.  Driving down the streets of Istanbul with the whole crew in the ride truck was pretty great too.

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though?

 Jeff Lemon: I stuff my face with junk food and an energy drink.  ...and I usually make a restroom stop too.  Does that count as a ritual?

If you were not competing what career path would you follow?

 Jeff Lemon: I am a jack of all trades; I get bored following only one path - so I wouldn't!  Some of the attraction of monster trucks is that there's more to it than just crushing cars.

What’s your favorite food?

 Jeff Lemon: Junk food.  I'm a human garbage disposal.  Anything grilled is pretty awesome, even vegetables.  I'm totally willing to try weird food, but I sometimes have trouble deciding between a gourmet meal and a toasted cheese sandwich.

What’s your favorite movie?

 Jeff Lemon: The Usual Suspects

What’s your favorite television show?

 Jeff Lemon: I don't normally watch TV, but documentaries are my favorites.  Anything that I learn something from.  I'll also admit the guilty pleasure of sometimes watching cartoons. 

What’s your favorite color?

 Jeff Lemon: Infrared.  I'm pretty nerdy and there's some way cool stuff outside of the visible light spectrum.  Infrared is my favorite because it's the color of molten metal!