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How did you get started competing in Monster Truck racing?

 Robert Brett:  I answered a job ad on craigslist for a race team and it ended up being for Bill Payne at Straight Up Racing. I started by going to Canada for 2 weeks on a trial and loved it. I started by driving the ride truck and moved up to racing after a couple of months. 

What do you enjoy doing while on the road the most?

 Robert Brett: I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people and just having fun with the crew.

What do you do with your free time?

 Robert Brett: When on the road I like to spend my free time relaxing, building and driving RC cars and watching movies. While at home I spend my free time with my friends and family. 

What is your greatest memory as a Monster Truck driver?

 Robert Brett: Driving the ride truck and seeing the little kids and adults all having a blast. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals that you run though?

 Robert Brett: Once I get strapped in I like to take a few deep breaths and just relax in the truck for a few minutes before the show starts. 

If you were not competing what career path would you follow?

 Robert Brett: I’m not exactly sure but it would include either driving or being a mechanic.

What’s your favorite food?

 Robert Brett: Mexican and Italian foods are my favorite.

What’s your favorite movie?

 Robert Brett:  I enjoy a lot of different types of movies not sure I could pick one favorite

What’s your favorite television show?

 Robert Brett:  Top gear 

What’s your favorite color?

 Robert Brett:  Blue has always been one of my favorite colors.

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